The Arizona Market Place has more than 150 vendor locations, rotating live entertainment and a family friendly atmosphere, there’s something for everyone at the Arizona Marketplace!

Our History

We are the second largest Outdoor Swap Meet in the state of Arizona and the largest in Yuma County. This flourishing business opened in 2001 and has since that time steadily grown to be a hub for social interaction, bargain shopping, and events. With a focus on high quality service from the various vendors, this family owned Swap Meet offers local residents and visitors a place to relax, peruse and enjoy foods and entertainment from various cultures at The Coolest place in Yuma!

“It’s a very large market , full of everything. Great live music area with food and drink available to rest your feet after lots of walking through the market.”

Dale D.

“I’ve been going to the Arizona market for 10 years now. Every year when I come down. It’s my place to buy hats socks and other items. I love the music and having a beer while I listen to it. As long as I’m coming to Yuma I’m going to the Arizona Market.”

Darrell W.

Walking through it is a fun way to get exercise — and yes it is extremely pet friendly and there are no steps. Scooters are available for rent.

Jeanne A.

Where are we located? Here’s the Stats:

Marine Base-2.1 miles

Airport- 2.4 miles

Araby Highway Entrance & Exit- 3.5 miles

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Office Hours: 8-5pm everyday

Market Hours: Oct 31st, 2019- April 12th, 2020 9am-4pm Thurs-Sun